Friday, November 30, 2007

Gorilla Fighter

this is just the first glance at my gorilla fighter character "Ambia", i was just playing around with photoshop and added all the other elements into this sketch...i will continue to revamp her until the final piece and i plan to keep updating this site with its progress!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well it has been several weeks since i started my conceptual artist job and i have learned so much thanks to the incredibly talented people i am blessed to work with on a daily basis. I have made so many discoveries about myself as an artist and i am pleased to say that im very proud of what i am doing so far and i feel pretty good about were my career is headed. You never know what you are capable of doing until you are given the oppurtunity to do your best and i believe that is what a person like me lives for, that chance to prove yourself worth, to be able to show your skills to the world, to embrace your element and make good with it. I used to sit up late at night in bed drawing on whatever paper i could find and i would grab what ever would give me the power to put my ideas on that paper, and one night i decided to use a pen...yep a ball point pen and i loved it but i was afraid to do any work with it in fear of not conforming to whatever tools were usually used in whatever art field i was in, well that was a long time ago and recently at my job i have started to pull out my secret weapon and go against the grain, using what i feel comfortable with and not trying to conform and doing my a RENEGADE!

Quick sketch done in ball-point pen!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the GENERAL mentality

I believe i can change the world with my art and i sometimes wonder if thats a good thing or not. I did not learn my art the way some would have had the luxury to do, my art is still growing and has a thirst all of its own..i cannot stop its hunger for knowledge its over powering desire to learn, its haunting ambition to be better, it compells me to goto my concept design job every day seeking out new visions and desperately anticipates the next day for more. I believe my art has a mind of its own and has of late been determined to take over my life, i believe my art is taking its revenge on me for not allowing it to breathe freely in my music days, my characters speak to me...most selfishly upset because i have not finished thier comic or there conceptual design, my friends are finally rewarded for pushing me to be all that i could be and more, but this beast within me i call my art is never happy and never satisfied it wants to declare war on my soul making me its soldier and it becoming my relentless GENERAL!

Gold digger X-mas Pin-up 2007!

here is the fun pin-up i just did for Antarctic Press Comics out in good ole San Antonio...i really enjoy doing stuff with Lee Duhig and the guys...Happy Christmas!